Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer 2010 in Review

It's supposed to be sunny and warm outside.  Instead it is raining today, so join me in a parade of memories from last summer.

We played Beatles Rockband:

We watched (although some of us refused to listen to) fireworks on the Fourth of July:

We explained to Alex that we could not prevent the Fourth-of-July hot air balloons from taking off despite his wish that they remain on the ground.  We also tried to convince Alex that hot air balloons are not scary. We were unsuccessful:

Until we bought him cotton candy. (Plus, because of an uncooperative wind pattern, the announcer later proclaimed that all of the balloons were grounded. Alex squealed with glee, as he thought that he had single-handedly prevented the balloons from taking off.)

We let Alex get his face painted at the Provo farmer's market:

Alex was later unsuccessful in re-creating the look at home:

We collected strawberries:

And we made pies:

And then we exercised to burn off the strawberry pie calories:

Oh, and I had a baby.


  1. Love the marker on the legs!

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  3. I do love the afterthought, 'Oh, and I had a baby.' Such cute kids, hope you are doing well! We should get together sometime, you know we're not too far away now :)