Monday, September 27, 2010

See How they Grow

I put a little Miracle-Gro in Bianca's bottle. (Just kidding. She refuses to take a bottle. I had to use a medicine dropper.*) Look at the results.

She's a pro at smiling.

She has also mastered the art of "moody eyes." And Alex thinks he is a super model.

While I'm not a fan of pomp and ceremony, I agreed to dress Bianca in a christening dress my mom made for her granddaughters' baby blessings. Alex attended his blessing in a blue shirt and brown corduroys. This dress was much more complicated than Alex's outfit--the dress extended a couple of feet below Bianca's toes. I felt like I was holding Queen Elizabeth.

* The lawyer in me compels me to make this disclaimer: Come on, people. Of course I didn't give my baby Miracle-Gro.


  1. Oh gosh, she's beautiful. I love the picture of her and Alex together. How is it going with two? Is Alex enjoying being a brother? I hope that it is all going well!

  2. Such great pictures! I can completely relate to the frilly dress resistance, but she's just lovely. I remember telling friends "easy on the pink" when I had my first baby girl. Of course she came pre-programmed with all sorts of girlie tendencies. Despite all my pre-baby intentions, we're all about Barbie in this house these days (even my little boy). Welcome to life with a baby girl. Hope you're doing well! Jessica

  3. She is simply adorable!!!

  4. I like the moody eyes. And in my discussions with people in general, I have decided I enjoy cute blessing dresses for girls, but for boys, just whatever. Little boys dressed in white fancy clothes kind of creep me out... :)

  5. She is beautiful! Oh my! What a doll.