Wednesday, July 14, 2010

¡Bienvenida, Bianca!

Meet Bianca Sofia. Born at 7:54 pm on June 22, 2010, Bianca emerged from my body fiercely protesting her eviction from the weightless bliss of fetal existence. Three weeks later, she is still mad about it. I take part of the blame, since I agreed to have labor induced. Maybe Bianca wasn't quite ready.

But Bianca's due date had come.

And gone.

And I remained inconceivably and magnificently pregnant. Every day, I searched the universe for some sign, some hint, that labor was imminent. But a watched pot never boils. So I agreed to be induced with pitocin, and, sure enough, the pot boiled. I passed the time in the delivery room reading Us Weekly (so perfect for these occasions) and chatting with the nurses and my doctor about whether I should read the Twilight series or at least watch the movies. (End verdict: skip them.)

It was all very pleasant. There were ice chips to chew, a World Cup soccer game to watch, a middle name to pick out, and a new iPad to play with (a belated gift from Kendall, who had been out of the country on Mother's Day). Then it became unbearable. Every contraction came two seconds too soon, stayed four seconds too long, and felt eight times as strong as the last one.

Enter the epidural. Although it took multiple adjustments from the anesthesiologist over the course of an hour and a half, the epidural worked its magic (plus a little extra "magic"--I was completely numb from my rib cage down for nine hours after the birth) just in time for Bianca's debut. Three pushes, and an eight-pound, two-ounce Bianca was here, angry as hell about it.

I had no idea newborns could be so loud. The way Bianca acts, it must have been cotton candy, unicorns, and rainbows inside my womb. She often looks wistfully into the distance, remembering her prior charmed life, and then, shocked by the reality of her new situation, screams in horror. Nursing is her one consolation. Bianca nurses until she's delirious, even drunk. Hello, her name is Bianca, and she is a lactaholic. As a result, Bianca gained one pound in the three days after leaving the hospital, a feat the pediatrician could hardly believe.

As for Kendall and me, we are adjusting to post-partum life. Recovery has been much easier for me this time around, but I must admit to missing the hospital, where angels dressed in scrubs parade through your room with drinks, Lorna Doone shortbread cookies, blood pressure machines, and narcotics. In exchange for your dignity, you can even get help in the bathroom or getting dressed. (Dignity is overrated--it is for heads of state, Barbara Walters, and maybe Julie Andrews.)

Our household is a comedy of errors as Kendall and I figure out how to juggle two kids, which, for a split second, caused us to consider the advantages of a minivan. But we are not ready to grow up yet, so we will continue to stuff Bianca, Alex, strollers, etc., into our "family car," a cozy Toyota Corolla. (Kendall's Civic is the "date car.") Alex relishes being a big brother. He has a new room, a new bed, and a new defiant attitude to go with them--we have so much fun watching him grow up.

Despite the craziness and ordinance-violating decibel level, we love our little Bianca. We are intrigued by her examining eyes and can't wait to discover the mysteries that lie behind them. We think you'll love her too.

Bianca Sofia
June 22, 2010
8 lb 2 oz, 20.5 inches


  1. She's beautiful and I just love her name!
    I am interested to hear your observations about the differences in raising a boy versus raising a girl. Keep us posted.
    p.s. you should skim the twilight books in all of your spare time. It will take you 30 minutes per book and while the writing isn't great, the storytelling is at least worth that (a skim).

  2. Pretty sure this is my most favorite post ever introducing a new babe.


  3. Oh my gosh! She is so gorgeous. Congrats-sorry that she is angry all the time :) Isaiah screamed his first four months of life, but now he is the sweetest baby on the planet. So maybe she'll just get it all out of her system early :)

  4. She is beautiful. You are describing my first son, except not even nursing soothed him and he rarely slept. But now he is an angel. So, it was worth it.

    I hope the crying ends soon and I'm glad you are all adjusting.

  5. Congratulations, she is beatuiful. And so is your writing by the way. I only wish mine were half as good.
    Good luck on your adventures of parenting two!

  6. Wow! A gorgeous little girl! Congratulations to all of you!!! Can't wait to meet those kiddos some day!

  7. you're a fabulous writer! I love this!

    and she's a BEAUTIFUL baby!

  8. I'd have to agree with everyone else. . .she is beautiful! Adjusting takes time. I'm still adjusting, but somehow everything works out a day at a time. We just "grew up" last month and got a minivan after traveling to California in our Civic. It was a little tight. Ok, not a little, but very tight, especially when I needed to console crying children in the back seat. Anyway, I'm glad little Bianca is finally here. Hope you get some sleep!

  9. Shikha8:40 AM

    Caroline - Just loved your narration should consider professional writing ! Bianca is sooooooooooo beautiful ! Congrats to you, Kendall and Alex. Anya is doing fine .........just getting naughtier by the day !

  10. What a beautiful daughter you have!!! I'm glad all went well with your delivery. (We know how much you love to deliver) I am so happy for you and your little family. I love to read what you are the best!!

  11. She's a beautiful baby! I hope you are adjusting to two. I'm glad to hear your recover after #2 was easier than the first, so was mine. I too would love to hear your perspective on girls vs boys especially as little Bianca gets older. Congratulations!

  12. I approve of the cuteness level of this child. Often I do not approve, so this is a rare compliment. I am excited to hear how Alex is adjusting particularly since he wanted to know where the baby was going to live.

  13. PS- bonus points for relevant facts of the case and appropriate pictures. Yeah, for no slimy baby pics.

    PSS- the end verdict is correct

  14. Congrats she's beautiful!

  15. She is adorable! Congratulations!! I officially retired from Stoel on July 2nd so I am now a "free" woman.

    Sharon Astin