Sunday, June 07, 2009

The commencement of freedom

I still feel like I'm walking on air after finally graduating from my MBA program on May 9th. No more weekends away from home and family, no more 10pm weeknight conference calls to work on group homework assignments, no more expensive flights back-and-forth between Utah and San Francisco, no more stressing over brutal exams, and no more feeling completely overwhelmed by the balance (or lack thereof) between work, school and family life. Yahoo!!

What can I say? This was a huge achievement for me - I managed to hold it all together for 2 years - to stay employed, stay married and still make it through school! I couldn't have done it without Carolina's patience and support.

And as for keeping up with Carolina - Okay, I didn't earn a juris doctorate or anything, but I did earn a graduate degree, so I'd say that about keeps me on par with Carolina's educational achievements (well, other than the fact that she graduated top of her class, which I certainly did not!). But I can always hold it over her head that I went to an Ivy League school, which will drive her totally nuts.

So what's next? Carolina thinks it's her turn . . . for medical school!?!


  1. My congratulations to you - it really is quite an accomplishment! I'm so happy you'll be back with your family. Any advice as we embark on the journey?

  2. Many congratulations to you, my erudite friend. I hope you are on to many great (and might I add--fulfilling) adventures in the near future. Congrats!

  3. Congratulations!!!!!! That is wonderful news. Hooray!

  4. @Jill - we should have you guys over for dinner before you get started and give you some thoughts and answer any questions you might have. Buckle up, it's going to be fun!

    @Chanin & Andrea - Thanks guys! :)

  5. Carolina, do you really harbor some medical school dreams? I think it may only make your hypochondriac tendencies worse!

    Congrats to Kendall! It really is a big accomplishment!

  6. But wouldn't a hypochondriac doctor be the best doctor ever? I think so.

  7. congrats kendall!