Wednesday, June 10, 2009

BYU, We Love You

For those of you have not been lucky enough to spend substantial time on BYU campus and for those of you who have forgotten what it's like, let me refresh your memory.

Highlights from a recent BYU Police Beat report:

I believe the children are our future.
"May 31: A 13-year-old male living in Wymount Terrace called police from his cell phone to report that his mother was being abusive. The male was in the bathroom for a 30 minute time-out session and told police that he felt that punishment was too harsh."

Provo: Where no one need feel uncomfortable
May 31: A phone call came in reporting a male alum and a female student had been kissing in the grass near a Wymount Terrace complex, making the caller and his family feel uncomfortable. The officer arrived and asked them to leave.

Drive-by shooting, BYU style
May 30: Occupants in a white truck were squirting people with water squirt guns in the Cannon Commons area around 11 p.m. The students were located by police and apologized.

And you thought that moose (mooses? moosi?) only roamed free in the opening credits of Northern Exposure.
June 4: A moose was loose on campus so police called the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. Officials came and tranquilized the moose. However, before going down the moose damaged two vehicles in the parking lot across from the SAS Building.


  1. I always loved reading the police beat. The moose was spotted by my mom's work. She got some pictures of it.

  2. Ah, this is my world ....