Friday, January 23, 2009

New Year's Revolution

I obviously missed the new year's resolution season: The Christmas tree undertaker already collected the limp Christmas tree corpses lining suburbia's streets (rest in peace); even the most resolute weight-loss hopefuls are trying to figure out how to sell the gym memberships that they only used once since purchasing them on January 1st; the Utah winter air tastes like exhaust pipes and cigarette butts; and taxes loom large.

But I saw a little flicker of belated new year enthusiasm during the presidential inauguration, and I couldn't resist setting some goals for 2009. Besides, Chinese New Year is tomorrow, so in a cosmopolitan, geo-political, multi-cultural sort of way, I'm right on schedule. And since publicizing your goals supposedly increases your chances of meeting them, please join me in welcoming the Year of the Ox:

1. I will* do my part to finish our blasted holiday newsletter ("The New Year's Times"), which we usually send out and post on this blog during the first week of January, but which I'll be grateful to dispatch any time before the end of January. And, for Kendall's sake, I will not complain (any more than I already have) about helping finishing it.

2. I will learn to cook fish. But this goal is limited to fish that live in the ocean; fresh water fish taste like mud. This goal also excludes crustaceans, because I don't like working with exoskeletons. I propose (to whom, I don't know) that I attempt a fish dish once a month, and that I report on my efforts here. If you have any fish preparation suggestions or recipes, please send them my way.

3. I will read 5 novels. I don't know what happened to me. I used to read a novel every couple of weeks, but now I mostly read Where the Wild Things Are (a special thanks to Alex) and the Immigration and Nationality Act (a special thanks to my immigration law class). Suggestions?

4. I will write a chapter for a novel. If that should prove too daunting, then I will write a short story and submit it to a magazine (I know. Wannabe writers are plentiful and delusional. But I just want to do it anyway, okay?)

5. I will floss my teeth more than ever before. Once or twice a week should do it.

6. I will eat five fruits and/or vegetables a day, and do my best to ensure that Alex does, too. Kendall, you're on your own. How does that saying go? You can bring water to a horse, but you can't make him drink it. Or something like that.

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

* While I liberally use "I will," these are merely aspirational statements, as all resolutions should be, and I will not be held responsible to anyone for any ill effects of my inevitable failure in one or more of these.


  1. Does salmon count as a salt-water fish? If so, I have the easiest recipe that is also superb. It might be too easy to count toward your goal, in fact.
    I strongly recommend the novel "Wild Swans."
    I too made a goal to read more but have recently encountered some roadblocks in the form of The Snowball (Warren Buffett) and Mao: The Unknown Story.

  2. 8 ounces of V8Fusion gives you 1 full serving of fruit AND 1 full serving of vegetables. Sometimes it's easier to drink it than eat yet another carrot.

  3. 'ender's game' osc.

  4. 'into thin air' jon krakauer

  5. 'kite runner' hosseini

  6. you've probably read all those already..:)

  7. Lyndsay: It's almost February, and I've got no ideas for fish. Please send the recipe my way.

    Beth: anything to make the vegetable intake easier. I'll have to try it.

    Paul: Actually, I haven't read any of them except Into Thin Air. I've shied away from OSC (I really have no idea why). Thanks for the recommendations.

  8. Number 5 is on my list, too. Once a week.

  9. Kite Runner is terrible (readable, but way too contrived). Just my opinion. I would skip it.