Friday, October 31, 2008

Culture Shock

Someone call Disneyland, two of the "It's A Small World" androids escaped and ended up in Utah:

I am fully aware that our costumes do not match. Alex is a Chinese boy, and I am an Indian woman. I understand that China and India are not the same place. I understand they speak different languages. It's okay. I don't intend for our costumes to ever, ever match. Oh, and a big thanks to the folks at the Spanish Fork Krishna temple (you read that right: a Krishna temple in Spanish Fork, Utah), who showed me how to properly wrap a sari several years ago--I finally wore mine.

Kendall dressed up as a ghost. His costume was so convincing that he didn't show up in any of the photos. Alex, though, seemed to be seeing ghosts everywhere; he refused to look at the camera:

Yes, there is a sleeping cousin on the ground next to Alex in the photo above. Kayden fell asleep while posing for a picture.

In totally unrelated news, Alex has learned the significance of reuse and recycle. We will be adding this Cheerios box to Alex's hat collection:

And beware of the sudden, open-mouthed, slobbery kiss. One minute you're lying on the ground, playing with your toddler:

And then, slurp, glurp, smack (no, Alex does not usually kiss people on the mouth--who knows where he got it?):


  1. You look beeee-utiful! Love the costumes.

  2. Bahahahha! I love this post. :-D

  3. Alex looks so OLD! All that hair and a big boy outfit. I like your costume, too.

  4. Anonymous8:30 AM

    The saree suits you--they take some real sweet skills to put on, too. Well done :)

  5. You look gorgeous, as always. And he is a handsome little devil. Hey, now I am paranoid and setting my blog to private. :) Send me your email address at and I'll invite you.

  6. Alexandra7:44 PM

    So our pediatrician thinks that, in addition to Will's other issues, he is also a "super-taster." I thought of you.

  7. Love the costumes...super creative!!