Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Gang Task Force Saves the Day

I remember when Utah Valley was a safe place to have a picnic in the park, take a stroll down Orem Boulevard, and ride your tricycle. Now I'm not sure I want to raise my family here.

Then today I saw this little trike parked outside Einstein Bagels on Center Street in Provo. No chain. No lock. An invitation for crime. Please support the Gang Task Force and lock up your trike.


  1. Now that little girl will be able to brag to her little friends, "Guess what?! A gang member rode on my tricycle!" And the response will be, "Whoa. Can I touch it?"

  2. Too funny. In a sad way. Kind of.

    Oh, I remember what I really wanted to say. I miss your birdies. But I guess I'll get used to the fish. Which are attractive, of course, in their own way. It's just all this change.

  3. Jane, I miss the birds, too. But they just sat there on that wire all day, and it got depressing.