Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Guatemala and Honduras: Vacation Accounting

1 adorable little boy who weathered sweltering heat, airport delays, and long days with grace and poise and 1 super trooper grandma who agreed to come along to help with said little boy.

2: the number of times the airline lost our luggage and the number of joyous reunions with our luggage.

3: the number of suitcases lost in luggage purgatory (LAX airport) for four days while we wore the XXXL t-shirts the airline gave us as consolation prizes for winning at luggage Russian roulette.

3.5 days of crystalline waters (peppered with stinging jelly fish), Bob Marley music, mosquitoes, and Caribbean sunsets on the island of Roatan in Honduras.

4: the number of countries technically visited. Guatemala and Honduras were intentional. El Salvador and Mexico (just the airports) were not.

5 am: The time the Guatemalan sun rises over the cobble-stone streets and colonial ruins of Antigua.

8: The number of times the locals tried to sell us the very same necklaces and bracelets. Samuelito (9) and Carlos (5) (picture below) drove a hard bargain. My mom ended up paying twice as much as the boys had asked for in the first place!

14 flights in 11 days. I know. We're crazy. Please note that many of the flights were only 20 minutes long.

100 degrees and 100 percent humidity in El Remate, Guatemala, near the ruins of Tikal.

25: The number of times our guide in Tikal explained the difference between Mayan temples and Mayan pyramids.

376: the number of times people asked to hold Alex.


  1. Beautiful! I'm glad that you had a wonderful time! Are you happy that you took Alex? We love (and endure) having our kids with us! They make it a lot harder, but more enjoyable as well. These pictures are gorgeous! Maybe someday...

  2. Man--that looks like an AMAZING trip!!!!

  3. It looks incredible and I'm incredibly jealous! And how could everyone not go ga-ga over that little guy.

  4. What a fun trip! I'm glad you survived all those many plane rides, the lost luggage, the heat and humidity and the amazing sites, It must have been rough!

  5. See--why did you even poll your readers for their opinion on where you should take your vacation. What do we know? I think you picked the best option on your own.
    I can't get over how chubby adorable Alex is!

  6. Alex is such an adorable cutie! I want to hold him, too. I love that backpack thing you had him in. I am always afraid to use those for fear that the babies will fall out, but if they have Carolina approval, they must be totally safe. What a great trip! Babies are way better travelers than most people realize (the right babies).

  7. Hey! You need to post the monkey picture!

  8. WOW! It looks like so much fun! I spent all night reading your blog! I dreamt that I traveled the world, too bad I really haven't. I can't believe the places that you have been! All I have done in the past 8 years is worked, and had babies. I went to Yellowstone a couple of times. Oh wait, I did go to Mazatlan and Houston. LOL! Thanks for letting me dream I was you! :)