Friday, April 25, 2008

Graduation Fashion 2008

Today was the law school graduation ceremony. By law school edict, faculty members marched into the assembly hall dressed in the pleated polyester bubble suits we so fondly remember from our graduation. It was quite a Harry-Potter-esque fashion show, with each professor sporting a different robe cut, robe color, hood design, and head dress, depending on his or her alma mater. The Slytherin Harvard grads deserve"best in show" this year:

(By the way, I think magic wands will be the must-have accessory for graduation 2009. Reserve next year's graduation attire here.)

To join in this academic fashion show, I picked up a set of regalia yesterday. Based on the exchange I had with the regalia rental representative, I think I may not look professorial enough.

Me: I'm here to pick up a set of faculty regalia.

Rep: What's the name?

Me: Nunez.

Rep: I don't see a set for Nunez. We'll have to just put a set together now. What's the degree?

Me: J.D.

Rep: How tall is he?

Me: Who?

Rep: Professor Núñez.

Me: I'm Professor Núñez.

Rep: Oh. (akward silence). I thought you were picking up for a profe-- How tall are you?

Me: 5 foot 6, but I'll be in heels.

Rep: Okay. (Hands over regalia and gently places cap on my head.) That looks good.

(I pay for the regalia with the department purchasing card.)

Rep: Congratulations on graduating!

Me: (confused) Thanks.

Luckily, there were no regalia police present at the graduation ceremony today, so I dispensed with wearing the cap, which was just as well, because the look suits Alex better than it does me.


  1. I would say not looking like a professor is a good thing. It's like when I go to answer the door and someone asks me if my mother is home! We are getting close to 30, you know.

    Darling Alex. When do we get to see a picture of you in your regalia?

  2. That's some funny stuff. It seems those regalia people don't hire college grads. Oh, sweet irony. Between this and the elevator post below, I have to wonder why you even bother trying to be a lawyer. You're a young attractive female, you obviously have no business being in this business, intelligence be damned;-)

  3. I can't believe it has been so long since we graduated! I feel as though the law school should have been closed and bronzed after we departed.

    People at BYU are always going to be sexist. I went to the BYU Law welcoming reception during that they hold for accepted students and all the people there just tried to talk to my date, who was barely surviving life at UVSC. An undergrad professor who heard I was going to law school looked me in the eye and told me he hoped I would remember what is really important in life. It is sort of shocking and dumb.

    I never thought of the Harry Potter connection. So true. I love the Syltherin-Harvard insight. Hilarious.

  4. oh yeah, I privatized my blog and wanted to invite you to read it but don't know your email address. I am Send me an email and I can invite you.

  5. The regalia rep probably didn't know what a JD was any way. *smacks forehead*

  6. Wow, impressive BYU worker!
    I cannot count the number of times that I've had this convo:
    person: What do you do?
    me: I'm a lawyer.
    person: like a paralegal?
    me: no, like a lawyer
    person: so you've graduated?
    me: [Four] years ago.
    It drives me nuts.
    Also, when Erik came to drop off something to me at work, my secretary thought he was a high school student--so I got slapped with the label of child predator.

  7. I have to admit that I've always been jealous of Columbia graduation attire---I love that baby blue! Perhaps one day I'll go back and get an advanced degree there---or then again not.

    None of the faculty at Tech wear the caps. We think they are goofy, too.

  8. So... how exactly do I reserve my 20?? graduation uniform? Are there other options for colors? I think I would much rather have mine decked out Gryffindor style.

  9. I love the last picture of Alex. The rep probably felt like such an idiot...

  10. This is Tatiana Christensen, and I don't know if you remember me from law school, but I was (I think) a year behind you. Anyway, I got to your blog from Alexandra's. And I disagree with the prior comment... I don't think the rep "felt like" an idiot so much as "was" an idiot. Anyway, thank you for the funny post (I felt like I was back in Augustine-Adams' feminism class again), and you have such an adorable little boy!