Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Warning: The following review is full of spoilers.

I have generally been a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I find Johnny Depp's portrayal of the intoxicated (or just weird?) captain of the Black Pearl very amusing. However, when it came to the third installment of the Pirates saga, I found myself wishing that the movie would hold true to its title ("At World's End") and just, well, end.

For starters, I saw far too little of Jack Sparrow and far too late in the movie. And it didn't help that when he finally appeared on the screen, he appeared in multiples of three. Second, Jack Sparrow wasn't really all that funny this time. Third, I can only take so much of Calypso's fake Jamaican accent and Davy Jones' melancholy tentacles. Fourth, when did the Pirates trilogy become a cross between Lord of the Rings and The Matrix, complete with it's own Mythology (Davy Jones was once Calypso's lover, etc.) and an alternate reality (which apparently exists on the Utah salt flats)? I wish the movie would have followed its predecessors' format and showcased Jack Sparrow's character rather than getting all wrapped up in an epic battle between Good--portrayed by a bunch of thieving, murdering pirates--and Evil--represented by the royal navy. In short, this movie took itself way too seriously.

Oh, and before you take this review way too seriously, please note that I fell asleep about half way through the movie--at about the point where Calypso, borrowing from Gulliver's book of tricks, decided to break free from the ropes that bound her to the Black Pearl and its Liliputian crew. So maybe it got better after that.

P.S. Kendall informs me that Orlando Bloom's character has to spend ten years under water ferrying dead people around before he can rendezvous with Elizabeth Swann, who (one can only assume) by that time will be middle-aged, leathery (if she keeps up her current sea-faring activities) and seeing another man. That's a sequel I'd like to see.


  1. I was going to post the same thing--just not as eloquently--about how disappointed I was in the movie too. We watched it last week and it just wasn't any fun. The 1st one is the only one worth watching, IMO.

  2. Honestly...I thought it was good in the theater. I can't watch those movies at home, they never have the same 'magic' for me. But I am not a great movie critic unless it is terrible...I like to 'play along' with whatever is going on. I guess I am just generic when it comes to movies. Ivan is much harder to please, though, I am always like, "Why can't you just play along and like them?" I guess I will never get a job as a movie critic, I like them all!

  3. I enjoyed the movie but was disappointed in the ending. They get to see each other like three times before she dies. Silly ending. Who really thinks that is romantic? Anyway, I thought it was a fun movie though.