Wednesday, December 19, 2007

First Annual Gingerbread House Competition

Looking for a good way to showcase our competitive nature, my family instituted an annual gingerbread house competition this year. We talked about it casually: "I'm going to throw something together at the last moment. " "It will be so fun!" "I'm just going to make a very simple, basic house." "Blah, blah, blah."

Three-hundred-and-thirty-seven Google searches (for "gingerbread house patterns," "gingerbread recipes" "gingerbread house stained glass windows", etc.), twenty-eight pounds of powdered sugar, and twenty-seven packs of Big Red chewing gum later, we brought our confectionery real estate investments together to compare. I cowered a the sight of Alejandra's mammoth Tudor house whose lines were so straight, angles so perfect, and joints so seamless, that I wondered if she had a protractor in her kitchen cupboards. My mother's rustic nativity scene, complete with little gingerbread figurines, was a study in creativity and non-traditional use of gingerbread. Brian's BYU clubhouse (a house whose walls were made of gingerbread picture frames in the shape of the letters B, Y, and U and containing photos of BYU sports images) was, well, the mark of a true fan. And the beautiful stained-glass windows on Ciara's cottage put my plain sugar syrup windows to shame.

After doing a blind review of each entry, the independent third-party judges (thanks Jennifer and Julian!) ultimately named my English cottage "Best in Show." Notes for next year: use sugar syrup to glue the house together (that way no frosting shows at the seams); be more precise in cutting the gingerbread; maybe decorate the walls before standing them up.

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  1. That is SOOO awesome. I'm afraid to show my mom because it's so great, but I will. I'll have to get recipes for your "sugar syrup." We have never tried that. And when I say "we" I mean the others that are in my family that get into this kind of thing.

    I'm so glad you posted pictures.