Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Alexander the Great

Alex has a lot to live up to. First, he has an oversized, rebellious hairdo to grow into. Alex is doing his best--he's gained over three pounds in his short four-week existence. His pediatrician assures me that this is a good thing, but I'm sure if I were to gain over a third of my body weight in under a month, the folks at Fox TV would air an episode of House based on my perplexing condition.

Second, Alex has quite a name to live up to. I don't think Kendall posted the baby's full name: it is Alexander Constantine Hulet. (You'll note that his name does not include Nunez. This was a last minute concession on my part to tone down what seemed like an already grandiose name.) Contrary to what you might think, we don't expect Alex to become a Roman emperor or a Greek warrior. Nor do we expect any major U.S. cities to be named Constantinople or Alexandria in his honor. Rather, Alex's middle name is a tribute to his great grandmother, Connie Terry, who passed away on the same day he was born. We think Alex and his great grandma probably high-fived as they crossed paths.

A few pictures of our bundle of joy (Alex thinks that full body shots make him look fat, so these are all head shots):


  1. Wow, Amy and I were both shocked when we saw these photos. Alexander looks a lot like our little Clementine. They could be siblings.

  2. He looks much older than 4 weeks! He is so alert and SO adorable. Those cheeks are too fabulous. Jack and I (Amy) will be in town soon so I hope we can come and see you. I want to hold that little guy.

  3. I just found your blog from Chad's blog. Congrats on your new addition! Everyone looks great!

  4. Teresa2:59 PM

    WOW!! Look at all that hair! Our baby might have just as much, since Ricky is quite a hairy man! Alex is adorable and I bet you both are wonderful parents! It is so fun to see your blog! Take care and keep in touch!