Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thanksgiving in Venezuela

Carolina and I spent our Thanksgiving vacation time in Venezuela with our good friends Chad & Amy Larson. We spent about half of our time at the beach in Los Roques, an atoll off the coast of Venezuela. We spent the other half of our trip in Canaima, a small village accessible only via airplane in the Orinoco river basin, where we trekked through jungle and savannahto Angel Falls, the world's tallest waterfall.

A typical beach in Los Roques, Venezuela.

Our good friends Chad and Amy enjoy the view from the catamaran.

Kendall and Carolina bask in the sun on the catamaran as we sail from island to island in Los Roques.

Carolina relaxing at the beach on Madrisqui in Los Roques.

We tried scuba diving for the first time in Los Roques--that's me in black in the back of the boat. We saw a moray eel, a sea turtle, a barricuda, and lots of fish!

A view of the skyline from Gran Roque in Los Roques, Venezuela.

The ancient airplane we took from Los Roques back to Caracas!

A view of the lagoon in Canaima, Venezuela.

A flower at Carolina's father's house.

A macaw in Canaima, Venezuela.

Kendall, Carolina, Chad, and Amy enjoy the spectacular views of the savannah before getting back into the motorized canoe to head up river to Angel Falls.

A view of the Venezuelan savannah near Angel Falls.

A hut in the savannah on the way to Angel Falls.

Approaching Angel Falls after a one-hour hike through the jungle of Venezuela.

Kendall, Carolina, Amy, and Chad at Angel Falls.

Angel Falls is approximately 1 km tall! It was getting us wet from this distance!

Kendall at Angel Falls.

Kendall and Carolina enjoy the view of the tallest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls.

Hiking thru the jungle on the way back from Angel Falls.

Kendall saves Chad from falling into the river just upstream from a waterfall.

A waterfall near Canaima.

Chad, Amy, and Kendall cross a small bridge in the jungle.

Kendall is just about to jump into the pool at the base of this waterfall.

This ant is named "24" because its bite will hurt for 24 hours... it's nearly 1 inch long!

Carolina made a new friend--hope she doesn't contract avian flu.

Carolina enjoys the view of the lagoon, and some nice waterfalls, from our lodge in Canaima, Venezuela.

Relaxing in a hammock at Waku Lodge in Canaima, Venezuela.

The flight home from the village of Canaima (on a 12-seater)--Carolina got to be the co-pilot.

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